First Data Mobile Pay Wireless Payment Solutions

Accept payments wherever you go by turning your mobile phone into a point-of-sale terminal

With the First Data Mobile Pay solutions, you can offer fast, safe and flexible payment processing anywhere you go by using your existing smart phone.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, a handy encrypting card reader device plugs into your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone, enabling you to slide your customer’s credit card to capture a sale. Because the card is physically present, you avoid the higher card-not-present processing rates associated with hand-keyed transactions.

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First Data Mobile Pay

In your business, the point of sale is an ever-moving destination. Wherever your customers are, that’s where you’ll go – which means you need a payment solution that’s as mobile as you are. However, your transaction volume might not justify the expense of purchasing a mobile payment terminal, leaving you in the position of handling credit card information in an inefficient and unsafe manner, such as by writing numbers down to call in later. As an alternative, you may be accepting checks on faith, exposing you to the possibility of loss.

Made for Your On-the-Go Business

  • Home and repair services – HVAC, plumbers, garage door installation
  • Limousines and taxis
  • Towing services
  • In-home sales – home décor, cooking, beauty products
  • Specialty and charity events – art shows, auctions

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